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Important Note : "Clup Player" is completely secured, though you may get warnings & alerts by some anti-viruses and firewall settings during installation, please ignore that. Click here to know why?
It is Indian Film Industry approved technology to release all released and future releasing films online using this technology. At present only limited movies available, working hard to add more movies. Post your interested movies to add it sooner.
All movies can be delivered at theatrical quality with 1080p resolution video and dts track audio. For any movie to add to "CLUP Player" or before starting to play, ALGO 4K decoding and configuration process will be carried over. It requires approximate of 5 minutes/GB movie for normal dual core processor with 2GB RAM, as the system configuration go higher "ALGO 4K" decoding and configuration process will be faster. However, internet bandwidth consumption will not be occurred during this process.
It doesn't requires movie to buffer to play each time. Also movie file can be shared with your friends and neighbours instead of downloading for all individuals.
It is the perfect entertainment to watch movies with family at your convenient time.
Any movies can be watched at anytime at theatrical quality for cheaper cost starting from Rs. 20/-. Only premium members can watch new release movies, apart from that non-premium members can watch movies at post release.
Movies can be played and paused at any seek time, only the playtime will be calculated. Movie validity duration will be 4 hours of playtime.
Minimum requirements  
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10  
1 GB RAM  
40 GB HDD  
As this player uses "ALGO 4Kb" technology to render your movie, it takes some time to configure the movie in your computer. Depends on your system configuration, it may takes approximate 4 minutes to 20 minutes for the whole movie. On each time you add the movie to your application and when the movie starts to play, this configuration takes place.
Steps to configure the player to watch a movie:
After downloading and installed the player in your system, get a sample movie from the homepage of www.filmsodm.com or select any movie from the list of movies page and download the movie. Usually the movie file will be of torrent file to increase the download speed and user convenience to avoid the hurdles in downloading the larger filesized movies. The downloaded movie file format will be ".sut"
This movie file can be shared with your friends via any media. Open the installed "Clup Player Gadget" and click "Add movie" link and select the downloaded ".sut" file. Then the file will be securely extracted to your gadget.
Now you can find the movie will be added to your gadget in either one of the options movie/trailer/exclusive tabs. Also you can find the play button for each listed movie, but at this point play button will not be enabled as the movie is not booked and configured. However, for a free videos tagged trailer/exclusive play button will be enabled.
After configuring successfully, you can now proceed for booking the same movie @ www.filmsodm.com, if not done earlier. In order to proceed for booking, you should have enough credits in your account as per the cost of the booking movie. You can recharge/add credits to your account starting from the value of Rs. 10/- to any amount.
Once the booking process done, you will have 12 digit code in revert on the same page. Type this code in the "Clup Player Gadget" and wait for the movie to be configured successfully. After the completion of this process, you can enjoy watching your favourite movie for 4 hours of playtime with option of your own convenient timings.
To explain the same in easy 4 steps:
Download any "sut" movie file in the form of torrent from www.filmsodm.com
Add the downloaded "sut" movie file to your CLUP Player application
Book the same movie in www.filmsodm.com using your credits and get 12 digit booking code
Type the code in your application and enjoy 4 hours of playtime with option of your own convenient timings
This is the ultimate new technology "ALGO 4Kb" enabling you to watch high quality movies even on the same day of movie release. Also you can watch any of your interested movies by asking the movie here. We are working hard for adding more movies for you to sitback and enjoy all your interested movies with no hurdles.
Hoping your support on behalf of all tamil film producers to support this technology and benefit them directly. Please feel free to ask any of your queries by sending mail to contacts@filmsodm.com
After completing the installation, a "Clup Player" icon will be placed in your desktop.
Right click the icon and select "run as administrator" option.
Repeat this step each time you open the "Clup Player".
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